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Grace & McEwan Consulting

When this Austin/Houston based company was first starting out, they contacted us to help them with their branding and marketing.  With being a comprehensive government relations consulting firm, providing services in the lobbying, public policy, procurement, and regulatory arenas, they needed a very clean and polished look that could contend with other professional and political businesses. We were able to develop a very clean and modern logo, business cards, and website that carried their brand consistently across several platforms.

Family Enrichment Services

A branch of the Children’s Advocacy Center, Family Enrichment Services focuses on helping families communicate and grow together. Their team of mentors work along side families to help coach them on things like communication, discipline, and difficult family situations. They wanted an ad campaign that let people know who they were while also helping to eliminate the stigma of asking for help. This is the first a several print ads that exaggerate common family issues, in hopes of showing a situations that are relatable, and trigger the idea of calling the FES for help.

San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo

It was our great honor to be a part of the time honored tradition of San Angelo’s Stock Show and Rodeo. We had the privilege of creating the 2016 highlight reel, featuring a few of the best moments from it all. From lamb judging, to robotics competitions, to always exciting Rodeo Shoot Out. We were even able to get permission to use Case Hardin’s song, “Stompin’ Grounds”.

Hanby Realty

Hanby Realty is a small and dedicated firm of Real Estate Agents in San Angelo, who wanted a clean and professional commercial. We created this video that starts on a single door, and slowly pulls away, showing different houses as it does. This represents the house buying process, and all the houses a real estate agent might take a home buyer to in order to find that perfect house.

Revive Salon

Revive Salon was undergoing a makeover of its own as it transitioned to a new salon space. They needed a good social media video to show off the new space and inform others about what this new salon was all about.

Solid Rock Outdoor Transformations

Solid Rock Outdoor Transformations brings beauty and creativity to yards every where. Which is why, when they first started up, they knew they needed creativity in designing their logo. We were able to design this dynamic logo and icon branding that allowed for both the branding constancy and versatility that they needed.

Trust Motor Co.

Trust Motor Co. is not your average car dealership. The owners wanted to use their love for cars and people, to provide an entirely new car buying experience. The kind of dealership, where you don’t have to brush up on your negotiating tactics before you go in. And because Trust, is so different, we wanted to make commercials that didn’t feel like in-your-face car dealership commercials. We wanted make it about people first and cars second, just like Trust Motor Co. We were able to make a series of online and made for TV commercials that focus on the life of various people and why they decided to buy a new car.


One of San Angelo’s top IT companies, Caltech is a company that believe in quality. They strive to hire quality people, who provide quality service. So it’s no wonder that they would want a quality advertising media created for them, that shows off all the amazing people that make up their company. That was the goal of this on-going print campaign, to show the human side of a very technological company, and allow people to get to know a little bit about the people how are helping their businesses run.

Escape House Cleaning

Ever feel like you just need to escape? Escape House Cleaning knows how you feel, which is why they started their cleaning service, to give busy families a rest from those house hold duties that might otherwise get pushed to the side. Escape came to us needing a “clean look”, which we gave to them with a logo, business cards, gift cards, website, and commercial.

Palm Contracting Group

Palm Contracting Group is a growing handyman service. If you need something fixed, updated, or installed, there’s a good chance they can do it. And for this do-everything company, they needed a design-everything branding creation. We were able to design their logo, business cards, shirts, vehicle magnets, even develop their website.

Case Hardin – “Texas Rain”

San Angelo’s country favorite, Case Hardin, filmed live at Midnight Rodeo.

FiddleStrings Sports Bar

With a newly updated bar and a completely new, decked out, back patio, FiddleStrings had alot to show off. It was tough to fit everything into a 30 second commercial, but the fast paced video and music kept in line with this sports bar’s energetic and fun atmosphere.

Celeste – Shawn Box Real Estate

Even though Celeste had just received her Realtors license shortly before coming to us, she already had alot of experience in the market, as Shawn Box’s assistant. Celeste’s love of real estate and passion to help people through the home buying process made her a natural. In addition to her business cards, and social media branding, By the Stream created a series of billboards showing Celeste’s character, youth, passion for real estate.

San Angelo Symphony – Vintage 15

The San Angelo Symphony needed a commercial to promote the upcoming Vintage 15 big band, but since the band of was on the road, it was impossible to get any actual video footage to use for the commercial. Thankfully they had professional photography from previous events that we were able to use in a 3D parallaxing effect that made the photos come to life.

Callista – Hanby Realty

Callista wanted to make sure that she had every key marketing tool at her disposal that any successful realtor might need. While she handled her own web marketing, we created a collection of print materials to help her bump up her professional image and recognition in the community. We both designed a printed her flyers, door hangers, and business cards. All were focused on showing off her great rapport with her past clients, as show in her online client reviews.

Peppercorn Grill

Peppercorn Grill wanted a commercial that showed off their fresh food and Thanksgiving specials while also helping bring brand recognition to their business. By the Stream set up, on location in the restaurant to film the actual food being made. No fake inedible food in this video! Next we sat down to write and record a custom jingle for Peppercorn Grill, that we are sure will get stuck in your head the first time. Check out the video and see!

Crocket Banking App

Crockett Mobile App

Crockett National Bank, needed a video that showed all the new features that came with their new banking phone app. This video shows the convince that Crockett’s App provides to those with an active lifestyle. No matter

Jumpin’ Jive

This project was created for the San Angelo Symphony to drum up interest for the Jumpin’ Jive: Featuring the West Texas Jazz Orchestra. Filmed in the historic Fort Concho Stables, using dramatic lighting, professional audio recording and HD video techniques.

Swankee Gray

We love fun and creative clients like Swankee Gray. This small team of artist offers one-of-a-kind furnishings, affordable design services, charming event rentals and custom furniture revamps. After several years of successful business Swankee Gray had acquired a marketing style that was as eclectic as their furniture. They approached us about creating a consistent brand and marketing campaign for their business.
We first started with developing a logo that embodied the vintage style and artistic flair that they put into all their work.
Next we set up a video and photo shoot of their products, that we could then use in all their future marketing materials.

SACB Season Commercial

The San Angelo Civic Ballet commissioned us to create a commercial promoting their 2014/2015 season. We decided on a black-and-white theme to make the colors of their “BALLET HERE” advertising campaign pop. The minimalistic theme shifts the focus onto the grace and movement of the dancers and gives room for the information to be displayed clearly and quickly.

KR Construction

Quality businesses need quality branding and marketing, and KR Construction is as quality as they come. John Rodgers has been building homes in the San Angelo area for several years and started off with the basics of getting a logo and business cards created but after that only focus on doing what he does best, building houses.

John approached us about growing his brand identity. We utilized the logo that he already had and began to modify and incorporate it into videos, photos, t-shirts and several other advertising mediums.

Angelo State Game Day

On September 13th, the Angelo State University Ram Football team played their first game on their new on-campus field. ASU’s Department of Communications and Marketing hired us to create a hype video for the event. We used audio clips from former coach Phil George and close-ups of the stadium’s features to create a video with a sense of intrigue, played over music composed in-house.

Crockett National Bank

We were able to have the opportunity to help Crockett National Bank promote their new Banking App. We provided the branding and design for the app itself and created various marketing materials to let their clients know about their new banking service.

Welch Wedding

John and Marcella hired us to tag along on their destination wedding on the beach in Galveston, Texas. Due to inclement weather, the ceremony turned out to be a rather unique one. Even though shooting impromptu in a rainstorm doesn’t yield the best results, we ended up with a product that tells a fine story.

Roadrunner Pedicab

We love helping out new local businesses! You might have seen Road Runner Pedicab taxing people around downtown San Angelo, driving people around in style. Road Runner Pedicab, needed a logo that would be unique, bold and match the yellow bike cab they already had.