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By the Stream Media combines a passion for fresh, original content with a high quality standard of production.

We strive to make products that our clients are not only proud of but create a memorable experience in the mind of their customers.

Matthew Butcher

Photography/Graphic Design

Matthew Butcher, has been creating art his whole life. Whether it was painting, drawing, sculpting, pottery, video, photography, or graphic design, he loved it all. It was clear, even at a young age that he had an aptitude for design. He later was able to develop those talents at Hardin-Simmons University, where he both Majored and Minored in art. In addition to running the Photography and Design Department at By the Stream Media, Matt works as a designer and minister for House of Faith children’s ministry, where he had volunteered as a youth, then was later hired on as staff in 2008. Check out some of Matthew’s illustration and design work on his Behance portfolio and T-shirt designs at Design By Humans, under his TrueThreads clothing line. Matthew, has a passion for his work and the San Angelo community. He stated, “I really just want to use my skills to bring San Angelo’s businesses to a whole new level of branding and advertising. There’s no reason that we can’t create top quality work right here.”

Benjamin Beaver

As head of the marketing department Benjamin thinks outside the box and knows how to stand out and in a way consumers enjoy and remember. In his first 6 months in real estate he was recognized on a national level and had a billboard appear on the Today Show. In his first year he was the “Rookie of the Year” for Coldwell Banker in North America. In his second year he used his marketing skills to become the #1 Coldwell Banker agent in texas for units sold. It is truly amazing what taking a different approach in marketing can do for business. Let Benjamin use his unconventional approach and passion for marketing to revolutionize your branding and stand out from industry peers. See Benjamin’s real estate exploits at and contact him about how to take your business to the next level!

Logan Reynolds

Logan has always enjoyed telling stories. So naturally, he began shooting his own videos with a borrowed camera when he was in the seventh grade. Over the next decade, he worked at turning his hobby into a skill which he could bring to a professional atmosphere.

“Video is a great way to show a lot in a little amount of time,” Logan says. “It can be used to convey ideas, emotions, or products in a powerful way. Never before has our world been so connected; never before have so many people been able to contribute to the cultural conversation in a tangible way. Video is one of the primary mediums facilitating that.”

A native of San Angelo, Logan worked for two years at the Angelo State Office of Communications and Marketing, where he was responsible for creating online video content. He graduated from Angelo State University in 2013 with a B.A. in Mass Media. He lives with his wife Arielle, dog Charlie, and two cats. In his free time Logan enjoys traveling, playing guitar, and writing a novel he thinks might never be finished. According to legend, Logan can run at a top speed of thirty frames per second. In addition to working at By the Stream Media, Logan also leads worship at the Christian Church of San Angelo.

To see some of Logan’s work, check out the BtSM YouTube channel.